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arrested in iran. li the swiss diomplstdis d atpeepp to help since the u.s. doesn't itveelh wnsirh an. . they were accused of crossing the border from iraq. they were hikers and one of the missing hikers is identified as a man from pennsylvania. >>> it's a mystery for more than 18 years and finally, closier for a family. >> the pentagon identified the remains of a missing pilot. he was shot down and here's more. >> reporter: navy pilot was shot down in 1991 durg the first night of the gulf war. now, some 18 years later, marines have uncovered bones and skeletal fragments, enough to make an identification. >> i guess you could use the word bittersweet and certainly say, it's good there's closier because the family's been up and down all these years. >> reporter: the officials say that the information came last month according to the defense department, an iraqi citizen stepped up. he knew of a crash and says that the pilot was buried in the desert. he was married and had two young children. >> for the children to know and not have to continue to wonder is their father alive, that's the
. >> it is timeless. it will always stay the same and will always remind us of john kennedy. >> reporter: theternal flame flickers nonstop for more than 45 years now. >> it's awesome. it's emotional. there is so much tragedy and knowledge. it's sad. >> reporter: just down a hill, the more understated final resting place of senator robert kennedy. >> you can't be there without being emotional. >> reporter: now a source of knowledge of the family wishes tell us this is where senator ted kennedy will be, close to bobby's website. >> reporter: a assassinated president, a murdered presidential candidate and now the senator. >> he lived all of his life up there, and i'm just surprised they're going to bury him here. >> was he a veteran. >> reporter: he served in the mill dairy -- militaries in the 1950s. >> well if the rest of the family is there, i think that's okay. >> reporter: arlington national cemetery averages about 30 burials a day, monday thus friday. we're not sure what kind of sayre mony the family is planning, but a spokesperson tells us if a vet wishes to be buried here with full tahonors m
police officers. we begin with prince george's county. a car crashed into a u.s. park police cruiser on southbound bw parkway near route 197 this morning. the officer was flown to shock trauma in baltimore. the injuries are not considered to be life-threatening. a woman also had to be hospitalized. that accident backed up traffic on north and southbound lanes throughout the morning but both are now opened. >>> and four hours before that accident, a virginia state trooper was hurt while trying to pull over a suspected drunk driver. the trooper crashed into a jersey wall in the southbound lanes of route 110 near the pentagon. the officer's injuries are said to be minor. the suspect is still on the loose. >>> a shopping trip took a frightening turn for one fairfax county boil. the man on your screen is facing multiple charges accused of cornering the child inside a booth room. police say he followed the 9- year-old inside the dick's sporting goods and tried to hold the boy there against his will. the suspect is 47-year-old steven ligon. it turns out he's a registered sex offender. he to
is joining us now with what all of that means and d arh d o teart tehot this morning. >> it sure did. already we're in the upper 80s. ot in a few heah ofrse te he woe ofe he s set to arrive ni a couple of hours. the heat advisory goes into affect at noon. stunties in orange, so to the is where our heat adeasory is and aga the at's the cnabiom humidity and heat, will bibe in excess of 100 degrees this ae erprepared for a prepared fo hot summer afternoon. 88 now at reagan national. that 00 a m.10:00 a.m. we'll get an update momentarily. winds out of the west at 8 miles per ho. lookaaa the regional map. yl 'lcetiti i t8 8 tn atshur heesermpe ur on the map. so you get the idea. we're talking about the record- s kirecord- breaking heat here in washington later this afternoon. our record high for the date is 98 degrees and the forecast, tolieve it or not, is upper 90s about 100 today. there is your morning satellite radar. lots of sunshine and haze and humidity. this theme will continue this afternoon. it should be mostly sunny. could be an isolated thunderstorm. in west virginia here is a little
not be a bad idea to grab your umbrella. >> tucker barnes joins us with a look at the forecast and a update on hurricane bill. >> thank you very much. and we have showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast this aftnoon. and plenty of midity. let's get righ a i . tydi let's get right to i theet in t t he afternoon, you could ershe t s s er fashs noow-- showers s tno r offoward western d mndalary lan closer. 'rg tt so we have the leading of edge m llwie ovy ati will move hesp moi red anth re and i think we'll understorms firing an msunorint firdeg up later today. temperatures right now, we are warming up. we're currently in the 80s. let's take a look at the temperatures. 88 degrees right now. humidity 59%. saving grace is the wind, out of the south and west at 13 miles per hour. here is a look at the remainder of the day. partial sunshine and partly cloudy with scattered afternoon showers and thunderstorms in the forecast and some could be with very favy rain. and let's go to hurricane bill and we'll give you the latest because i'm giving an update. still a category three hurricane, maxi
expects enrollment to go up but school officials would not tell us whether they will meet the goal of 41,000 students which is what the budget is based on. >>> the fenti administration spelled out the d.c. ps teacher learning framework. this document covers everything from assessing teacher progress and reteaching basic issues. >>> d.c. council member mary chai did her inspection of district 3. dangerous lead levels were found at eaton elementary. other things such as broken doors and air-conditioning systems in classrooms at other schools but despite the small troubles chai was pleased with what she found. >>> and students in prince george's county also made their way back into the classroom. police officers handed out drivers for an on going road safety campaign. and a news letter is going out toasteddents staff this week for back to school information to parents for information on inclement weather and parent communications. >>> and prince george's county, frederick county and an arendel county opened up in maryland. more on the schools in just a little bit. and in virginia it's back
in the verizon small business toolbox. . >>> back on u.s. soil. two u.s. journalists held captive in north korea returned home to family and friends. what they had to say about their captivity next. >>> we continue to follow a developing story out of pittsburgh. a gunman opened fire inside a health club killing three people and hurting nine more before taking his own life. the latest that gunman's identity. fox 5 midday news starts now. >>> an emotional reunion this morning as two u.s. journalists held captive in north korea arrive home to waiting friends and family. thank now watching fox 5 miday news. i'm holly morris. >>> i'm allison seymour. lauraling and euna lee walked off into the arms of family after six months. sarah simmons joins us now with more on our emotional top story. sarah? >> reporter: the white house says it is enormously pleased with the return of the two american journalists. the two women had been in prison in north korea since march. the return -- they return home to california with former president clinton and spoke just a short time ago. it was the moment the families ha
taught us by example. her work transformed the lives of hundreds of millions of people across the globe and they in turn are her living legacy. at special olympics washington headquarter, a photo gallery honors her memory and on the website her words continue to inspire. >> you are the stars and the world is watching you. >> reporter: even as her health faltered, her strength never waved. it's her vision the special lick picks carries on. -- special lick picks carries -- olympics carries on. people are stopping by to sign condolences books in northwest to honor shriver. the organization now has more than three million athletes worldwide from more than 150 countries. today her son tim sent a statement to the special olympics family saying, quote, "it was her unconditional love for the athletes of the speb olympics that so -- special olympics that so fulfilled her life." and that really sums up what she meant to this organization and what she leaves behind. >> we have put more information about mrs. shriver on our website >> a lot of pictures. just beautiful words. be sure to
. >> in fact, you might need to keep it handy all weekend. that's what tucker tells us. the clouds are starting to thicken up out there. >> it will feel like rain. we have rain on our doorstep, down toward fredericksberg and we . mo have a food watch. let's get to the radar. the rain showers are not too far ay g 'sinndeparou s and we're p ickng up rain showers and some of that shower activity looks to be hevy down to the southowd ar95nd 9waldorf and fredericksberg. that's pushing up to the north and northeast over the last 20 minutes to seal see ur fi in during the next few hours and thunderstorms too lo all of hrain now developing ofd tosouth an west. that's headed in our direction as wa w aveh big plume of tropical moisture being pulled up from the south. so it is -- there is a potential we could see strong thunderstorms later today and that could induce some briefly heavy rainfall amots. by that i mean 1-2 inches of rain is possible. so because of that, we have a flash flood watch here in the district for much of maryland and portions of virginia as well. all of those counties in green unde
in 1986. >> those of us who love him and take him to his rest today pray that what he was to us and what he wished for others would come to pass for all of the world. >> reporter: on july 18th, 1969, the senator's life and career took a tragic turn after attending a party, he drove off of a bridge and inside his car was a woman and he never called the police until her body was found the next day. >> that will live with me for the rest of my life, every day of my life. >> reporter: he pled guilty to leaving the scene of the accident and the -- scar ever left his reputation. he sat out several years and in '79, he threw his hat into the presidential ring. i'm a candidate for the president of the united states. >> he challenged jimmy carter for the democratic nomination after a bitter campaign, kennedy lost, but he gave a speech of his career. the work goes on, the cause endures and the hope still lives and the dreams shall never die. >> reporter: following the failed run, he divorced his first wife, joan. he was a fight for causes like minimum wage increases and immigration reform and the
substance. since the whole area was used for ammunition and chemical weapons, they sent it out for testing. and it was a container for mustard gas. >> did they notify anybody? where was it? how did it get there and where did it go? we're talking about that type of gas. >> reporter: the spokesperson says they didn't sound an alarm and they believed the public was not in any danger. further digging is suspended while they lookat current safety procedures at the site. one expert wants them to promise to fully clean up the neighborhood. >> we saw them leave twice. had to call them back. therefore they're here for the duration. >> reporter: the delegate plans to meet with brass from the army corp of engineers later this afternoon. in the spring valley, fox 5 news. >>> and in addition to the toxic substances, residents there also sometimes come across old shells, which are looked at and thrown away then. >>> and in culpeper, a man in jail accused of a terrible crime, setting a woman on fire. the culpeper fire department says james anderson sprayed her with a liquid as he drove with her and her d
the u.s. and north korea. >> reporter: there are no formal diplomatic relations between the u.s. and north korea. but north korea may have been looking for this kind of high- level visit, using the two journalists as a bargaining chips. steve chenevey, fox 5 news. >> and this could be a highly coordinated effort by the administration to open up new channels with north korea. >>> and hillary clinton is urging iran stto release the details of where two hikers are being held. it's believed the group hiking in northern iraq may have crs to ir by accident and they are said to be held. >>> tragedy on the runway. a commercial airliner skidded off a runway and crashing in to the control tower. investigators are looking in to weather heavy rain and wind played a role in the accident. >>> the full senate begins debate on the nomination of sonia sotomayor. many republican have branded her an activist judge, democrats have enough votes to confirm her. a final vote is expected later th week. >> the white house is working to put together a summit on texting while driving. safety advocates, l
it is unconstitutional and now the county could be forced to pay up. sarah simmons joins us with more on the top story. >> reporter: good morning, guys. this has been a contentious issue, but a judge has ruled that the furlough forced by the county are unconstitutional. the furloughs expected 5900 employees, a majority of them from the public safety and the fire and police department. the judge ruled county violated the contracts agreed upon with the collective bargaining unit by imposing those furloughs. they have fought with the county over this issue. last week the county approved another round of furloughs. it's unclear if those will be put on hold. a county spokesperson said it was a difficult decision to save jobs and save the county $17 million. in a stam by spokesperson james keary, he says the court has substituted its judgment without acknowledging the economic challenges acing the country -- facing country. to comply with the court's opinion, they say they will have massive layoffs. now the judge's decision requires both sides to meet within ten days to refund the money, but the county says
by helicopter. despite road blocks, police manning polling stations and 60,000 u.s. forces in afghanistan, death threats by the taliban kept some from polling today. >> no violence. report no violence. >> reporter: the current president hamid karzai is seeking his second turn. he's the favorite to win but may not pass the 50% threshold to avoid a runoff between his challenging, abdullah abdullah. >> i encourage people to come out and vote so afghanistan can be more peaceful and i better country. >> reporter: some are angry in the increase of attacks over the years. this woman says she wants the next president to stop the killing of the innocent people. united nations is calling it the most complex elections anywhere in 2009. >> you have a very difficult access to the country. you have very -- you have very weak institutions so this is a challenging election. >> and one can gate called -- candidate called fora halt in the election because he said he was able to wash off the ink to vote with. he told reporters, this isn't an election, it's a comedy. >> and according to a new washington post abc po
the first ha september. what this will tell us is whether we need one or two doses. >> reporter: if all goes well, the swine flu vaccine could be made available for the public sometime before the end of september. >> the first installation may be in september and then going further into october. >> reporter: the seasonal flu vaccine is being produced earlier than usual. 120million doses will be available by the end of this month and the rest due out by the end of september. health experts are recommending families get the shot as soon as possible. meanwhile scientists watch the affect of swine flu on the public. some fans in a soccer game in spain this month were asked to wear face masks. scientists will continue to monitor the virus for any type of mutation. in new york, lauren sivan, fox news. >>> health care reform is a topic that sparks questions. congress will work on a plan over the summer break. donna edwards was in oxon hill yesterday to explain it. she says ending the practice of denying coverage for a preexisting coverage and a hole in prescriptions will help you. and she pointed o
inside a u.s. postal mailbox at the corner of mead and 49th street. tom fitzgerald has more details. >> reporter: this bolt and the marks in the concrete are all that remains of a mailbox blown up here on this corner on thursday night. and if somebody meant this as a prank, nobody in this neighborhood is laughing. it happened around 10:00 at night just across the street from the brown middle school on mead street northeast. suddenly and without warning, a postal mailbox exploded. neighbor mary monk says she will never forget the sound. >> a big sound that goes boom, really, really loud, like something did blow up. >> reporter: units from d.c. fire and ems says debris was scattered about 60 feet. the bomb sniffing dog was brought in to search the area for a second device just in case. garrland logan who lives across the street says it's a miracle no one was standing near the mailbox when it exploded. >> i was in the bed and i hear the big boom and then later on somebody knocked at the door so i got up and i came out and the mailbox was gone. one piece was in the yard next door. >> re
. >>> quintin tarantino is joining us to talk about his latest movie. fox 5 begins now. >> didn't know that was coming, did you. >> i didn't. >>> claudette is coming and producing winds and downgraded to a tropical depression. and now, all eyes focus on more trouble in the tropics with more storms picking up speed. >> claudette made landfall near fort wallton beach and she's heading towards north eastern mississippi and for the latest, tucker has all of the details. >> yeah, a lot happening here. we're off and running. we'll start with claudette. it u ou c ld be dangerous. da we h e l get startedit th radar. s eion. the concern is the heavy rain tod that's all generally pushed he torth and northwesthe ey ex'rthinpee g ctthe rain to 6 ,upto 6 ncs of raiinches of raiacross the western panhandle of heflorida reaching upo isimntpissis a o alabama. they have flood watches there. we'll show you thother systems and the first one of note is across porto rico. see those clouds? that's ana, bringing heavy rain to porto rico and they'll get up to 4-inchs of rain as ana is pushinnorth anwesh. st
used to live on the other side of town and i never had a fire come this close. they'll hit it at the last minute. >> reporter: many are getting out of their homes. >> getting my kids and babies out and getting what we can get and start losing everything again, like a year and a half ago, it's, you know, it's a night mare. it's crazy. it hasn't been that close in a long time, we can just hope for the best. >> reporter: some progress is being made. >> we're confident we'll keep the fire out of the community at this point. >> we have numerous crews in there and we're working with the dozers. we're optimistic. >> reporter: two who tried to ride out the storm in a hot tub they're burned and the cause of the fires is still unknown. >>> the fires north of los angeles doubled in size last night. >>> the first family is back at the white house after a week long vacation an martha's vineyard. this is the first family landing on the lawn. the president got in leisure time, but had to announce the nomination of ben bernanke for another term and delivered ted kennedy's eulogy in boston.
. thanks, craig live on the hill us for this morning. fox 5 will have live coverage of the sotomayor confirmation vote. it's expected to take place like you said around 3:00 this afternoon. we'll also be streaming the vote live on >>> it's tops on the agenda at the white house. obama reaffirmed health care reform will happen by the end of the year, even if it's not a bipartisan effort. he spoke about the issue during a stop in indiana yesterday. the president says his administration will assess senate finance committee negotiations next month. >>> a really wet and gloomy morning out there today. is the rain over and can we expect maybe a little bit of sun this afternoon? tucker barnes joining us with the answers. >> cool temperatures, too temperatures in the low 70s. hard to believe it's early august out there. might see a little sunshine later this afternoon, particularly off to the north and west as most of the rain showers have pushed to the east. i'wllho s u yoexactly what's happening. se'lo a c ase up. you can see in washington things are quieting down. still a cpl th
problem growing here and told us of several burglaries this week alone. police have stepped up patrols in light of the crime spree. >> we begged for security for over two years. there was securitied when the houses went up, but they're not securing lives. >> reporter: newer homes dot the landscape but problems from the past still haunt those who decided to -- call this home. >> i can't understand. i live in the projects from the war zone for over $300,000. if we weren't in a recession, i would move tomorrow. iust can't. >> reporter: in the meantime, police have stepped up patrols to cry and -- to try and crackdown on a crime problem. sarah simmons, fox 5 news. >>> now to a developing story. this scene one of seven fires in bass maryland -- damascus, maryland. karen gray houston is live with more. karen, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison. this is an usual scene. we're on woodfield school road. that hay bill is still burning. -- we're told this is part of great seneca valley park and there are three other fires just like that. all together four hay bail fires here in damas
more about that. first of all,the u.s. chamber of commerce is starting an ad campaign against the health care reform and the president will be on the campaign trail. it looked like two different events. outside, angry crowds, both for and against the government health care, inside, a polite, almost wrapped audience listening to the president. >> i want everyone to understand, the status quo isn't working for you. >> reporter: it didn't seem like a tough sale here and questions echoed a white house script >> isn't it time to say we want to pass what the americans need without the republicans. >> reporter: it's a far cry from what spector got yesterday in pennsylvania. >> now, wait a minute, wait a minute, now wait a minute! >>> you've awakened a sleeping giant. >> reporter: this is coming from most of the people that are happy with their health insurance. the new message seeks to reassure them and the option is not a threat to private industries. >> if you think about it. ups and fedex are doing just fine. all right? well, they are. it's the post office that's had the problems.
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